Tuesday, June 14, 2016

KINES Chapter Test


Got up and dressed at 7AM.

Gave ham to dogs.

Put all my books and stuff into the Jeep.

Left for school at 8AM.

Drove to school. Got there at 8:30. Brought in all my stuff.

Panda came in and could not sit with our class as we were taking a test today. He borrowed a pen.

Took our Chapter test at 9:15 after 15 minutes of study.

We took a quick break, then corrected everybody's tests. I got a 78% which was way better than the 66% I got last time.

Kim used the TENS unit that I brought in to class.

Played Pictionary and then took another quick break so we could watch videos and go over the next chapter.

Went over to Wendy's and got burgers for the dogs and a salad for me.

Left school at 12:00. Stopped in Rathdrum on the way home to get gasoline. Some drunk women next to me asked about my Jeep and if I enjoyed driving it.

At home, I got mail. Unloaded everything. Gave ham to the dogs. Gave tuna to Koda Kitty.

It was raining. I studied for a bit. Then I took a pill and laid down on my bed.

At 5:00, I got up and studied some more for A&P test tomorrow.

Hubby got home around 7PM and worked in the shop a while. Then he came home.

We watched new show - WRECKED. It is about a plane crash on a deserted island. Pretty funny

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