Sunday, December 25, 2016

XMAS 2016


Woke up at 8AM. Got dressed. Plugged in all the Xmas lights. Brought up all the Xmas presents from the basement.

 Presents Under Xmas Tree

KR came down a little while later.

We had forgotten Cinnamon Rolls so made Biscuits & Sausage Gravy instead.

Hubby fed the dogs. I fed the cats tuna & cleaned up after them.

Opened our presents. It was fun.

KR wanted coffee, so she and I drove to Rathdrum Jitterz in her Jeep to get lattes. Not very busy there. We gave the girls some Sugar Scrub from Bath & Bodyworks, gave them a $10 tip in nickles and dollar bills.

Hubby was working on the crab & lobster when we got back. He was done.

We had lunch. KR & Hubby fell asleep on the couches.

KR Asleep on Couch

Played Rummikub all afternoon.

Watched new movie that hubby had received, Suicide Squad. I did not like it very much as too much CGI. Yuck. Difficult to follow movie.

KR left about 9:30PM. She took her small Xmas items, we planned on taking the rest of her presents to her tomorrow.

We cleaned up and went to bed exhausted.

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