Monday, December 19, 2016

19th Day of Xmas and A WINTER SNOW STORM


Got up at 8AM after Charles had called at 6:30 to wake us up. We had both gotten up and peed earlier. Both of us had brought water up for Beebo as he likes to drink while he is napping.

Hubby ran down to get eggs at Lil Town, he also got a latte because they were open in Athol.

I had fed the cats tuna, cleaned up after them. Gotten everything ready for hubby to make the eggs. I brought up a sausage log and cut it up; toasted English muffins for his egg sandwich, gotten out the cook pan.

I started laundry & dishes.

Hubby backed the Jeep down to the door downstairs and we loaded all the boxes into the Jeep.

Drove to Jitterz and got lattes in Rathdrum.

At KR's home, we decorated her spare bedroom and bathroom.

 Spare Bedroom
 Other comforter draped over dresser drawers
 Spare bathroom

Hubby dropped Moonshine Xmas gifts off at Transamerica for the salesmen there.

Then we drove downtown CDA to eat at the Olympia Restaurant, a greek restaurant. Such VERY good food. The waitress was great and personable. Our new favorite place to eat. I got Baklava for dessert and hubby got a Almond cookie.

 Spanakopita with Greek Tzatziki sauce

Chicken Lemon Soup

Hubby got Chicken Souvlaki with fries

 I ordered Lamb Souvlaki

Stopped to get gasoline at Costco, then went shopping inside Costco. Lots of people there. We got lots of stuff for Xmas. Shrimp Ring, Bacon Wrapped Scallops, Baklava, dog bed for Beebo.

We loaded everything in the Jeep and drove home. It had been a long day.

Dark sky with a little big of blue sky shining thru on the way home.

Dark Snow Clouds

Got the mail. A couple Xmas cards. Unloaded everything.

We watched TV and I made the custom postcards. I went to bed early. Hubby came to bed at Midnight. We had to put the cats in the basement room because they were causing chaos and would not let us sleep.

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