Monday, December 26, 2016


DECEMBER 26 2016

Got up at 8AM. We actually slept late!

I fed the cats & cleaned up after them.

Hubby was cutting ham to feed the dogs and accidentally fileted his left thumb. We quickly wrapped it up. I started the Jeep as I thought he might have to go in to the ER for stitches, but he refused.

I made his Biscuits & Sausage leftovers for breakfast and he napped on the couch.

Cats were playing upstairs in the bedrooms while I gave the dogs some Xmas bones to quiet them all down.
 Cat Drinking Dog Water
 Dogs Bone-Cracking

We watched The Secret Life of Pets and afterwards hubby rewrapped his cut thumb. He went outside to shovel the side deck for the dogs.

I took the Xmas tree down to the basement back room. Then I started taking down some of the Xmas decor.

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