Sunday, December 04, 2016

4th Day of Christmas

December 4 2016

Got up.

Beebo had vomited at the bottom of our bed on the carpet. He had also had diarrhea, pudding poop all over Ben's bedroom on the carpet. I had to clean it all up.

Made souffle.

 Zim & Stripey
Zim & Orange

Cooked up the sausages that hubby had bought.

Hubby stayed in bed until 9AM. He was very sick.

I went downstairs and cleaned up the kitties & fed them.

Hubby got up and made eggs for the dogs.

Beebo kept barking at the kitties.

KR came around 10AM.

We walked the dogs in the park. It was raining.

My knee was hurting today.

Came home. Kim called. She was walking her dog, Toby and was bored.

KR left to return home. She took Beebo home with her.

Hubby took a nap on the couch from 12-3PM.

I soaked my feet in the foot spa. I also cleaned up the kitties again.

Kitties had no food, so when hubby woke up, I said we should go to the Athol market to get cat food. But he wanted to go into Rathdrum to Ace Hardware to buy the good cat food. So I drove there. Picked up lattes at Jitterz on the way. After getting KR's Green Bay keys at Ace Hardware, we drove around looking at Xmas lights. Hubby was delirious with fever. I drove home.

At home, we gave cat food to the kitties.

Watched The Walking Dead.

Went to bed early.

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