Friday, December 09, 2016

9th Day of Xmas


Got up at 7AM with hubby.

I made tuna for the kittens and hubby made eggs for the dogs.

I went downstairs to feed kittens and clean up after them. Fluffy pooped & peed in the corner. We will have to take them to Sandpoint for adoption.

Hubby wants to look at Big Lots for Xmas trees.

It is only 18 degrees outside, lightly snowing. We had a trace covering of snow from last night, NOT the 6-10 inches they predicted.

I emailed a copy of my MBLEX Testing to AiCM.

We drove into town. Shopped at Costco, got gasoline. Stopped at Jitterz to get lattes. Drove over to Big Lots. Purchased an Xmas tree.

Went to San Francisco Sourdough to have sandwiches & soup. Not bad, but expensive and won't be back. Some idiots parked in front of the building in the road because they would not walk from the parking lot. 

Jackie called me from AiCM. So we drove over there to get my paperwork.

I had a 92% GPA. Not Shabby!!!

Then we drove home. It was lightly snowing.

We put up the tree when we got home.

It is pretty, but the lights are plain.

Sad Xmas tree

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