Tuesday, December 20, 2016



Got up at 7:45AM.

I fed the cats and cleaned up their litter.

Hubby got dressed and shoveled the deck so we could get out of the house.

We received over 7 inches of Snow from last night. The snow had fallen off the roof while we were sleeping last night and piled up on the side deck.

 Another Snowstorm Dropped 7" on us

It was heavy, slushy snow.

We got the dogs loaded in the Dually. Drove to Athol to get a latte for hubby.

Then drove to Post Falls and picked up Beebo. Drove to Apryl's and dropped off Bud, Ben, and Beebo to get groomed for Xmas. We were about 15 minutes late due to the weather.

Wilson riding "Shotgun"

Wilson stayed with us in the truck and had an adventure today with mommy and daddy by himself.

We then stopped at Atilano's Mexican Food for a breakfast burrito for hubby. I ordered a tamale which they put cheese and sauce on instead of just the tamale!

Stopped at Jitterz for another latte.

Got Xmas cookies & cream horns for hubby at Pastry and More. The girl there was quite snippy and rude. We will not be going back. Their pastries are getting too expensive.

Then we drove to Paws & Claws to get a gift certificate for Doggy Daycare for Beebo.

Drove over to Commerce Park and mailed the Xmas Postcards that I made last night.

Drove back to pick up the gift certificate that had to be printed up.

Then we stopped at Eric's the Machinist in Post Falls so hubby could drop off the Xmas present Moonshine for him.

Drove to Post Falls shop. Hubby dropped off parts and I talked with Naomi.

We then drove to Spokane so he could pick up part at Spalding Auto Parts.

Drove over to Conley's Restaurant to get pies.

Then we drove back to CDA to pick up the dogs. Gave Apryl a big tip for Xmas.

Took Beebo back home and dropped him off. Gave him a quick dog walk. Made sure he had water & food.
Beebo was so handsome in his Xmas collar

Drove dogs home. No mail in the post box.

Hubby unloaded the dogs. Deck was REALLY SLIPPERY ICY. I turned up the heat in the house.

Hubby went to unload parts in truck and hook trailer up to truck. Then he plowed the driveway.

Ben and Bud in their  Xmas collars from the Groomer

I put away dishes and did laundry. I took a hot bath.

Hubby came in after plowing and  shoveled some of the side deck.

We watched TV and went to bed early.

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