Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Post Xmas


Woke up at 6AM with hubby. He is feeling sick again. His thumb still hurts from where he sliced it.

I went back to bed with Wilson and slept another 30 minutes with him and Ben.

Then I got up and gave the dogs some ham. Gave Bud his painkiller.

Went downstairs and cleaned up kitty litter. Gave the kittens some tuna for breakfast.

Shoveled decks for 2 hours because we got 7 more inches of snow.

 7 Inches of Snow

I was exhausted.

Had to clean up Ben's vomit.

I made egg omelette for myself.

Then had to start Jeep to go into town.

Dropped off Xmas presents for KR at her home.

Then I drove to Starbucks where I met Kim.

We talked for 2 hours. She gave me a birthday present little bag and 2 cupcakes, and I gave her the "Raindrop Technique Essential Oil Collection" and Stress Relief Lotion that I had gotten for her.
Kim Brought Cupckes

Hubby came to pick up his vacation schedule. I unlocked the Jeep for him.

Kim and I looked at the Verismo Coffee Pod machine. It was on sale, so I purchased it for hubby.

Starbucks Verismo Coffee Machine
I also got a peppermint / chocolate latte. It tasted horrible.

Kim and I left to go over to Walmart when a family with 4 kids sat down in front of us and the kids started screaming.

I got tuna for the kitties at Walmart.

Then I brought Kim back to her car. Hugged her goodbye.

Drove home. I was exhausted.

At home, unloaded everything. Gave ham to dogs. Made myself a sandwich. It tasted awful.

The snow from the roof had fallen on the side of the deck. Now we have a 4 foot berm on the side of the house.

Hubby got home at 5PM. He is still sick. He sat on the couch for a while.

I made him a latte with the Verismo machine.

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