Sunday, December 11, 2016

11th Day of Xmas and 5 INCHES OF SNOW


Wilson slept in bed with us this morning. He jumped off the bed and went outside for potty. Then he tried to wake us up. However, we slept late.

KR woke us up by calling at 8:30. She wanted to know if hubby wanted a latte. She was picking them up on the way.

It had snowed another 5 inches last night. It is warmer today. High of 30 tonight.

We got up. Hubby made breakfast for the dogs. I fed the cats, cleaned up kitty litter. Shoveled the back deck.

KR got here and we talked quite a while. Then hubby finally got dressed.

We drove to the park to dog walk. Walked along the same walk as yesterday. But our tracks were gone because he had snowed another 5 inches last night.

Forgot to take KR to see the eagles. Darn.

Drove to Spirit Lake so hubby could get gasoline in the Dually. Then we got more lattes at the Bean Buzz.

Came back home. Unloaded dogs. Hubby went down to shop. KR left.

Hubby came up to the house to help me wrangle the kittens into the basement again. They were all over the house, scratching the furniture & eating the new Xmas tree.

Hubby had to shovel the front deck, get the plow-Bronco jump-started, and shovel off the concrete in front of the garage.

Hubby finally got home at 3:30. He sat down for a while. Then he made pea salad. Boiled eggs.

Larry is bringing the truck here for the people to pick up instead of hubby having to deliver it.

We are supposed to meet KR at Fu-Ki by 6PM so we can have a celebration dinner for my passing the MBLEX test.

Hubby met a guy down at the shop to give him his truck at 5:00. Then we left at 5:15. It was snowing again.

Before we left for dinner, I was putting away dishes and the sharpest knife had to slip. I cut open my left index finger. 

Zombie Cut finger

Picked up KR at her house. Then we drove to Fu-Ki. Had dinner there. It was great. Chris was our chef again.
Chris at Fu-Ki is our Chef

 Balloons, Flowers, & Card from KR

KR gave me flowers & balloon. It was fun.

We drove KR home after dinner. Then we drove back to Walmart to pick up cat tuna, cat litter, and Xmas lights.

Drove home in the snow.

At home, unloaded groceries. Went to bed after watching awful awful awful Walking Dead. I am not watching this show anymore. It is just violence all the time. Yuck.

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