Tuesday, December 06, 2016



I could not sleep last night when I first went to bed. The noise from the Heat Pump was overwhelming even though it was turned off, it was still humming.

So I took a couple allergy pills to sleep. They dried me out severely, and I could not wake up this morning when hubby left. I slept until 7:45AM.

It was bitterly cold outside. Only 21 degrees.

Hubby had already turned on the heat.

Fed dogs. Gave Bud his painkiller. Fed kitties. Cleaned them up.

I studied all day.

Fed Ex & UPS deliveries came and I missed both of them. The dogs did not bark and I did not hear the trucks.

Studied some more.

Hubby got home at 6PM. He picked up Bud's Tramadol prescription at the Vet's office.

Again, hubby slept on the couch most of the night. He was still sick.

Went to bed at 10PM.

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