Sunday, December 18, 2016



Got up at 7AM. Could not sleep late.

Hubby made eggs for dogs while I cleaned up the cats and fed them tuna for breakfast.

We had to shovel off the decks of 5 inches more of snow before we were able to load the dogs into the Dually.
Another 5 inches of snow

I purchased AAA Comprehensive Road Side Service for KR as a Xmas present.

KR had texted and called this morning about leaving her Jeep at a bar downtown; The RockerRoom. She had lost her keys on the dance floor and could not find them in the dark. So she had friends take her home after the Work Xmas Party. 

Rattler, Fluffy, & Zim

Rattler, Fluffy, & Zim 


 Scaredy Cat & Max

Fluffy & Zim

Drove to Spirit Lake to pick up drinks.

It has been difficult for me to walk in the park because of the uneven terrain due to the snow this week. So we drove around in Spirit Lake looking for barking dogs outside. It was quite fun; we found several. Then we walked the dogs at Timberlake High School.

As it was only 12 degrees instead of the 21 degrees they had predicted, the bitter wind & cold got to us immediately. We cut short the walk.

Stopped at Miller's to get groceries. I wanted a roast and they have the best meat there. Got potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, tomatoes.

Went home and put the roast in the slow cooker.

After we unloaded the dogs, we went in the Jeep to Rathdrum and got another latte. Then we stopped at KR's home to find her spare key. Tore apart her back bedroom.

Loaded Beebo up with us because he seemed lonely. He had already torn apart an animal. Drove over via Seltice (lots of idiot drivers in the snow) to CDA and found her car. Hubby knocked on the front door of the Bar. A kind man that was sitting in the back of the bar came to the door and found KR's keys behind the cash register. Hubby tipped him a $20.

We got her Jeep started and while it was warming up, Beebo and Grammy took a walk around the block. Beebo peed everywhere.

Drove back to KR's home via Seltice again. Parked her Jeep in the garage. Then we drove back home. Stopped at Stein's in Rathdrum so hubby could get tuna for cat's breakfast tomorrow as we were out of tuna. He forgot to get eggs!

Beebo had fun at Gpa & Gma's house. He barked at things outside, played with Wilson, played with the kitties. He was very tired. Slept under the Xmas tree.

Beebo sleeps under the Xmas tree

We watched TV, went to bed late at midnight.

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