Saturday, December 10, 2016

10th Day of Xmas & 5 INCHES OF SNOW


Grey & Cold & Snow.

Actually slept in until 7:30 because we locked the cats in their bathroom and the dogs did not bark at them all night long.

Wilson came up to wake us up, but fell back to sleep between us until we got up!

We got up and hubby made eggs for the dogs. I got the tuna ready for the cats and went downstairs to feed them & clean up their litter.

Shoveled off 5" of snow from both decks. The brand new driveway cracked on the side where I park the Jeep.

5 inches of snow today

Drove to Spirit Lake to get lattes because it was so cold. The water hose in Athol had frozen and the latte stand was permanently closed.

We took the dogs to the park to walk at the Frisbee golf area. I had to poo in the outdoor toilet that was still unlocked. Oh My!

Drove thru the park to the boat launch. We saw LOTS and LOTS of Eagles!


Came home and cleaned up the house. Dried all the towels that the cats had pulled out of the closet from downstairs.

I started filling out paperwork for the WA & ID Massage Therapist licenses. There is a LOT of paperwork to fill out.

The guys from Home Depot came at 3:15PM to install the new dryer. It DOES NOT MATCH the old one. Oh, well. I like this one better because it has a matte finish and does not show fingerprints!

New LG Dryer

We left at 4:30 to go to the Christmas Cabaret in Spokane. But we stopped to get lattes at Jacob's Java and hubby accidentally left his Harley VISA card there.

We drove to the Senior Center, but found out after trying to park behind some idiots blocking the drive that it was a CASH ONLY event. Hubby did not have his usual cash on hand; that is why he used his VISA card at the latte stand!

Instead of going to an ATM, I was so frustrated that we just drove to MOD Pizza on the South Hill and had dinner there. THAT is when hubby remembered that he lost his VISA card.

The Jacob's Java was closed, so we drove home.

It started snowing again.

At home, hubby called and talked to Christian. He cancelled the card. They will send another one in a week.

 Stripey Licking Bud's Ear
 Stripey & Koda Sleeping on Dog Bed Upstairs

I filled out the rest of my application for WA & ID licenses for Massage Therapist.

We watched Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency and went to bed.

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