Saturday, December 03, 2016

3RD Day of Christmas


Got up at the crack of dawn.

Hubby is not feeling well. He came home last night with a sore throat.

Snowed last night.

Drove the Jeep into town and got hubby a latte.

Then drove to Rathdrum and got me a latte at Jitterz.

I studied my Kines book all the way on the drive.

We drove to Spokane and picked up parts for hubby at Spauldings. Then we stopped and got donuts at Krispy Kreme. They were too sugary. Yuck.

Got a sausage biscuit for hubby at Stateline. Then dropped off parts & rent check at Post Falls shop.

Drove to KR's to pick up Beebo. KR was going to be out shopping & going to Davenport to look at Xmas trees so Beebo would be alone all day. Hubby walked Beebo before we left.

Then drove to CDA yard so hubby could pick up his Dually. He took Beebo and we drove home.

At home, hubby shoveled the deck from the snow and it was already melting by the time we got home.

I shoveled the front deck and the concrete in front of the garage.

The FedEx guy brought a box.

KR's Xmas stickers arrived in the mail today.

Hubby went down to put the other boats from Gary into the big shop. He got all of them in except the sailboat.

Hubby got home at 3PM. He took a nap on the couch. He was quite tired.

We watched Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. 

I studied more, quizzing myself on Apps.

We cleaned up kitty litter and played with kitties. Beebo tried to go downstairs.

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