Saturday, December 17, 2016



-4 degrees last night. Brrrr.

Hubby's first day of Vacation.

Got up at 7AM. Wilson woke us up. He had gotten in bed with us early this morning.

We got up. Hubby made eggs for the dogs. I fed the cats some Spam. No tuna left, have to go grocery shopping.

I cleaned out the cat room so that hubby could take a shower. Vacuumed, put the aromizer in for the Xmas smell, turned on the Air Purifier, steam cleaned the floor.

I vacuumed the carpet downstairs.

Hubby went to take his shower.

He brought the vacuum up when he was done. I cleaned it out.

Then I steam cleaned the upstairs floors.

Steam cleaned the rugs.

My left ring finger started bleeding again where I cut it on the Xmas tree last night.

By then it was 10AM and we loaded the dogs up to go for a walk.

Latte stand in Athol was closed again. Hubby was pissed.

We drove to the Frisbee golf area. I lost hold of Wilson. Wilson ran far, far away and was trying to catch some deer.

We tricked him and walked back to the truck. He thought we were leaving and came racing after us. It was bitterly cold. Only about 6 degrees. Dogs were struggling, so we decided to leave. Hubby had to take a picture of the Dually by the road.

Hubby dropped off his transmission at the tranny guy on Llewellyn Creek road.

We drove to Spirit Lake, got lattes. It was SO cold outside. Hubby got gas at the station.

Came home, got the mail. Idaho Dept of License sent me a letter stating that I needed to provide a marriage license.

Unloaded dogs. Ben ran away to the shop.

Hubby drove down to the shop to get Ben and bring him back.

I finished Steam Cleaning floors in the bathroom and dog room. I washed the pad where Wilson had vomited the other night.

I washed my hair.

Wilson has severe dandruff from his wash the other day. The shampoo really poisoned him.

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