Wednesday, December 14, 2016

14th Day of Xmas


Brrrr cold. It was only 7 degrees when I got up this morning.

Hubby had already left and I said goodbye to him.

Wilson was tucked away sleeping in bed with me. He was nice and warm. Then Ben got into bed with us, too.

We slept until 7:15.

Got up and fed the dogs ham. Gave Buddy his painkiller.

I fed the kitties tuna and cleaned up the litter.

They played around the house all day.

 Kitties Playing Around House

 Kitty on Ben's Bed
 Fluffy & Ben on Stairs
 Wilson Napping on Couch

I went to get mail in the Jeep. It was utterly too cold to walk down there.

I signed up for replacement on our Cuisinart blades. They had a recall because of pieces of the blade falling apart and people getting cut on pieces they accidentally ate.

KR's pillows & stuff came via Fed Ex. 

I did laundry & dishes.

Vacuumed the basement and cleaned the kitty room.

Hubby got home at 6:30PM. He then went to deliver a transmission to a guy that lives south of Athol.

It is getting cold again. Only 15 degrees at 7PM.

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