Thursday, December 22, 2016


December 22, 2016

We got up early. It was cold.

Hubby put Scaredy Cat & Fluffy into a kennel (after he repaired it).

Then we took the cats to Spirit Lake. Got lattes. We were there early, so drove around the lake.

Dropped the cats off at the Timberlake Litter Control.

Then we stopped back home so I could get the pillows & Green Bay stickers.

Brought BUD with us today.

Drove to KR's home and put the pillows into pillowcases. Put up the sticker. Cleaned up Beebo's torn up stuffed animal.

Then we drove to the shop to drop things off. Tom has Bronchitis. I cleaned the windows & mirrors on the Dually while we were there.

We got lattes at Jitterz.

Drove to Atilano's Mexican Restaurant and ordered the 12 pack of Tamales. They were cold. Also ordered chips & guacamole.

Went over to Big Lots. Hubby shopped for me. I looked for hair ties.

Then we went to the CDA Mall. Ran into Joy when we entered Sears. I looked at junk in the Fabric Store, hubby went to Bath & BodyWorks. We walked around the Mall. Went down to Penney's. Saw an exhibition of Photo Portraits, our Chiropractor & his family was in one of the pictures. All of the pictures were very airbrushed.

We drove over to Staples and hubby picked up another gift for me.

Lots of traffic getting out of there and we finally got on to Government Way going home. Hubby had to stop at Golden Glo Espresso and get another latte. He is addicted.

Bud getting attention at the Espresso Stand

Drove to Spirit Lake to pick up the kitties.

Drove home. Unloaded kitties.

Hubby drove back into town to pick up driveshaft from Eric, the Machinist on Seltice. Then he stopped at Walmart for tuna.

He came home.

Kitty Sleeping on Hubby

We watched Dr Who Christmas shows and went to bed at 11PM.

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