Friday, December 02, 2016



Got up at 7:30AM. Wilson was running around the house, all excited.

I fed the dogs & gave Bud his painkiller.

Then I paid bills.

Started laundry.

Made butter & garlic shrimp.

Printed out $75 credit from Harley Visa.

Went downstairs to clean up kitties and give them food.

Have to get gas today.

 Decor for Xmas
 Fireplace Decor
 Loft Decor
 Hanging Ornaments

Drove to town for nail appointment at Noon. Took off all the Gel polish. I have an allergic reaction to it, nails are brittle. Cuticles are extremely dry. Skin is bleeding and cracking. Tracey did a hydration manicure on my hands. No polish until next week.

Tracey is looking into getting Young Living essential oils starter kit for me as an Xmas present from hubby.

I took Tracey's deposit to Mountain West Bank. 9 cars in line. I finally got thru after 10 minutes.

Went to Albertson's for tuna. Verified that they did not have Cheese balls there anymore. Maybe have to check at Safeway.

Drove to get gasoline at Costco. Long lines there. Lots of cars everywhere. Too many cars for winter. Too many people coming here.

Then I washed the Jeep at the car wash.

Drove to Wendy's and got burgers for dogs, salads for me.

Drove home. Forget going to Starbucks, too many people on the roads.

On the way home, it started to snow. Bad.

I unloaded everything. Hubby called and said he wanted to go to Spokane for a part. I said I would drive into town to pick him up. It was snowing horribly. Blizzard White-out! Picked him up and he said that he had to get part TOMORROW at 8AM. Not tonight. So I had him drive the Jeep home and left his truck at the yard.

Stopped in Spirit Lake to eat Mexican at new restaurant. It was ok.

Really cold. Drove home. Brrr. Still snowing.

Hubby shoveled decks. Snow still coming down hard.

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