Thursday, September 01, 2016

A&P FINAL, Medical Massage & Invader Zim Hurts His Leg


Got up at 6AM.

Fed the dogs. Fed the cats. Cleaned up after Koda kitty.

Studied for upcoming test.

Put away laundry & dishes.

Drove to Rathdrum and got groceries for Taco Feed potluck. I brought Taco cheese, sour cream, and hard-shell tacos.

Stopped to get a latte at Jitterz, but ended up getting a chemical-tasting granita. What a rip-off for a free drink.

At school, studied some more.

Then we put away everything and took the test for over 1.5 hours. It was 200 questions.

After handing in my test, I went to talk with Christine. Then went in the office to talk with Jackie about my hours. She said that if I do not miss any more class time, I will be able to graduate with MCP20.

Went back to the classroom after everyone was done taking their test. Had tacos while Jen graded tests.

After she was done grading, she handed back the Tests and we added up our points.

I got 80% which is pretty good considering that A&P was not my strong class.

I helped clean up and drove home.

Did some cleaning at home. The carpet installers had come and poured out some leveler cement to take out the dips in the basement floor.

I got ready about 4:30 and left for Clinic. Tonight is my last night in Clinic. Brittany and I were the only ones in Clinic tonight. 

I got finished with my shift from 6-9 and drove home.

Was exhausted. Hubby had just gotten home after riding his Harley from the new shop. Talked to hubby and then went to bed.


Got up at 7AM after hubby had left for work.

Put away dishes & laundry.

Fed the dogs, fed the cats. Cleaned up cat poo.

Drove to school.

Had Medical Massage. Learned shoulder work. Mostly lecture. Sam was the body today.

Went to Rathdrum Super One to get groceries on the way home. Needed cat food.

At home, I unloaded the groceries.

Did some more cleaning.

I was tired and took a nap.

Hubby got home at 5PM. He loaded up the wood from the front porch basement and took it down to the shop.

There was a woman dropping off her truck, so he gave her a ride to Spirit Lake.

When he came back, he had Mark help him load up the donation stuff for Goodwill so he can drop it off tomorrow.

He came in the house and we went down to check on the kittens & Koda. Invader Zim had injured his right front leg, he would not put any weight on it.

Went to bed, worried about the kitten. Have to call the vet in the morning.

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