Friday, September 16, 2016



Got up at 7AM.

Gave ham to the dogs. Gave Bud his pill.

Gave fresh food to the cats & cleaned up their room & litter.

Took Zim to the vet because of the umbilical hernia that he has on his belly.

Dr Mike called me shortly after that to tell me that it was a hernia and that he cannot operate until Zim is 6 months old.

I left Zim there at the Vet today.

Went to get my hair done at 10AM with Rachelle.

Afterwards, I went to Walmart to get cat food that we had forgotten the other day.

Then I drove to Tracey's for my appointment to get my fingernails & toenails done.

I finally got to town around 3:30. Stopped to pick up Zim at the Vet.

At home there was a box delivered for my Hot Cabi that I had ordered from Amazon.

Hubby got home after 2 hours OT at work.

We went to bed early. I was hurting again.

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