Sunday, September 25, 2016



Woke up at 7AM. Hubby made eggs for the dogs.

I finally got up and dressed by 8PM. Made tea for myself. Put away dishes.

Hubby and I went downstairs to feed kittens & cleaned out the bathroom.

Took the dogs for a walk in Farragut Park after getting hubby a latte.

Came back home and I worked on homework while Hubby went down to the shop to fix the boat trailer & get it hooked up on the Dually.

Then I followed hubby to the park in my Jeep. He parked the boat & trailer in the parking lot at the Boat Dock.

We drove back home and texted Dave & Vera.

Hubby had a snack. I made tea. We drove to Sandpoint. Shopped at WalMart to get food & snacks. Hubby had to get fuel additive, but they did not have any.

We drove up to Hope to meet Dave & Vera. Got gasoline. Hubby talked to Dave & decided to meet them at the yard in Pendoreille.

I drove the Jeep back to Pendoreille. We picked up Dave and Vera. Then I drove back up to Hope to drop them off at the Boat.

 Taking Boat from Hope to Farragut

I had to go potty, cleaned off the windshield. Then drove back to Farragut Park. I had to wait for them for about 11 minutes before they got there.

It took about 4 tries to get the boat on the trailer. Dave & Vera were a lot of help.

We saw several dogs there, and one guy had 2 cute Boxers that he was walking.

On the way home, hubby had forgotten to put down the antenna and it broke as we were going under the Hwy 95 Overpass.

At the RR tracks, he finally pulled over and put it down. Too late.

When we arrived home, I took Vera to the house to see the kittens. Zim was acting drugged and blind again. He is not using his right paw. I was very concerned about him.

Then the guys brought the Dually up to the house and then we all loaded into the Jeep again. It was getting dark already. I drove up to Sandpoint and we ate at Lou's. I had chicken fried steak. It was good.

We left there about 8PM. Dropped Dave & Vera off at their truck at the Yard. Then hubby drove home. I did not want to drive in the dark.

At home, we unloaded stuff from Walmart out of the Jeep and then sat on the couch to unwind and watch night news.

Went to bed at 10PM.

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