Friday, September 09, 2016

Dog Walk & Pay Bills & Nails


Wilson jumped into bed with us at 5AM. We got up at 7:30AM.

Hubby made eggs for the dogs.

He got the dogs loaded in the truck and went to the shop to load the trailer onto the Dually.

I paid bills online.

I took cat food to cats & cleaned up their area. They are pooping & peeing behind the toilet, in the cat food, and on the floor. It was a mess. Took 30 minutes to clean.

Then hubby came back to get me.

We dropped off the trailer at Mr Tire to repair the tires. Nail in one tire,

Dropped mail off at the post office.

Picked up latte for hubby.

Drove to park & walked dogs around the Brig. It was deserted. Apple tree full of apples up high.

Drove back to Athol and picked up trailer. Drove home.

Unloaded dogs.

Hubby had a snack.

We drove into Hayden and stopped for a latte at Jitterz.

At Noon, Hubby dropped me off at Nails with Tracy; he drove to Post Falls new store and picked up parts for Pat, the detailer.

I got done with nails; hubby picked me up.

We drove to Costco to get groceries and have snacks there. Bought food from the food court. Purchased a new down comforter!

Drove to Lowe's to pick up plywood, but hubby decided he wanted to go instead to Ziggy's for dog fencing.

Stopped to drop off a note on KR's car while she was at work.

We went to Walmart to pick up cat toys and look for a bench for hubby. They did not have anything for him. Got cat toys, bananas, and new pair of jeans for hubby.

Online Bench Ordered

Dropped off parts at Pat's. 

Drove home because we were so tired.

Unloaded everything. Put everything away. I went upstairs to take a nap until 6:30. Hubby napped on the couch.

I came down and we watched TV together.

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