Thursday, September 15, 2016



Got up at 7:00. Hubby had cleaned the cat room for me already because of my thumb still hurting so badly.

I gave the dogs fresh food and water. Gave them ham and gave Bud his pill.

I got ready for class.

Drove to school.

Street lights at Prairie were not working. Traffic was backed up badly because they had 4-way stop signs there. Kim called me on the phone to talk with me.

I stopped at the Jitterz in Post Falls to get a latte.

Kim had wanted donuts, so I was behind her at the light at the bottom of the hill, but turned into the gas station to get Krispy Kreme donut holes.

Class was unfortunate because Pam was absent and Lydia was teaching Pathology. Our whole class was sitting in for make-up time.

Lydia refused to let us work on our projects, so we just sat there for 3 hours, totally bored. We had all come expecting to work on our projects.

After class, I bolted out the door and drove to Spokane for the Outside Event at the Insurance Company. I was the only one there early. 12:40 was when I arrived. Parked in the basement. Valet parking. Got a ticket to get my car. Went upstairs and set up. I did one girl that had been waiting first before any of the others arrived. The Supervisor arrived last. We had no music for the first 20 minutes of massage. The Supervisor had to massage because one of the students did not show.

Massage at Insurance Company

It got quite hot in their break room. It was nice, on the 8th floor to look out the windows across the city while massaging.

I validated my parking on the 8th floor and then went to the basement to collect my Jeep. I drove home on Trent because traffic & construction was so very bad at 3:30PM.

Got to KR's work around 4:10. Cops were EVERYWHERE. I saw more cops today than I have in the past year.

Visited KR at work and got a short tour of her building & desk. Introduced to some co-workers.

Then we drove over to Pat's The Detailer to pick up her Jeep.

I then drove to pick up Greg at his work across the street. Traffic was horribly backed up just crossing the light on 95 & Prairie.

Picked hubby up and then we drove over to Katie's dad's house across from Costco. Looked thru his tools & cars. Hubby bought a Napa parts box.

Then I was hungry, so we ate at Red Robin. It was not so good, and very expensive. When we left, we drove past Anthony's Seafood and it was PACKED. Over 200 cars in the parking lot. WOW.

We washed my Jeep at Metro Express. Then got gas at Costco.

I drove hubby back to his truck. We drove home.

Gave dogs leftovers from Red Robin. We watched the Finale of Harley and the Davidsons. It was a good show.

Went to bed exhausted.


Woke up at 6AM to potty. Got back into bed and petted Wilson who slept beside us all night. When I woke up at 2AM this morning, Wilson was curled around hubby's butt in bed!

Hubby had already left at 6:30 to ride his Harley into work.

I dressed. Gave the dogs their ham, Bud his pill. Cleaned up their water & food.

Went downstairs to clean up the kittens & Koda. Gave them fresh food & water. Cleaned their kitty litter and replaced the soiled blanket again.

I got ready for class.

We reviewed Migraines & Whiplash Injuries in Medical Massage today. Teacher just mostly lectured.

After class, I started working Business Hours right away at 12:00. I folded towels, set up everybody's rooms, emptied garbage, and  filled water pitchers with ice & water.

Christine had me calling people for expiring Loyalty packages, then I was let go at 1:10. She did not have anything else for me to do.

I drove to Rathdrum and got groceries. Then I started feeling very exhausted. Started driving slower as I got closer to home.

My joints were aching and I felt like I had a fever. Could barely unloaded groceries, I was so exhausted. I got the dogs fed, cleaned their food & water.

Cleaned the kitties, gave them fresh food & water, cleaned the litter.

Called North Woods Vet to get an appointment tomorrow for Zim due to the lump on his belly. Dropping him off in the morning.

I took a nap for an hour.

Downloaded Apple iOS on my cell phone & the iPad.

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