Sunday, September 11, 2016



We got up at 6:30 this morning.

Went downstairs to clean up cat food & cat litter. Kittens are pooping and peeing on the blankets we take down.


I got ready to go to Weekend Class - Trigger Point Massage.

There were too many people at Jitterz in Rathdrum, so I drove over to Jitterz in Post Falls.

I decided against getting donuts.

Kim was just walking in as I got there.

Talked to Jackie at school. She seemed upset & irritated. Her son locked her keys in the office.
I just walked away.

Kim and I ordered Pizza Hut for lunch. They delivered it 15 minutes late.

At 2:30, everybody wanted a slice of pizza. I had to box it up and take it out to my car so nobody else would eat it.

Kim left at 5:00 because she had to go to work. Finally done at 5:30. I drove home. Hubby was here. Had to clean cat litter and cat food again. What an awful smell.

Hubby had gone on Harley ride with KR down to the Coeur d'Alene Casino in Worley. They had lunch there and drove back.

Then hubby went to work at the shop in Post Falls all day.

We were exhausted.

Took the dogs for a walk at the Water Tower in Farragut.

Got home and we both were exhausted.

Went to bed at 9PM.


Up at 7:30AM. Actually slept in late. Hubby was already awake and on the couch downstairs watching car shows.

We made eggs for the dogs. Cleaned up the kitchen.

KR came around about 9:30 with lattes for us.

The cat blanket was finally dry after washing.

KR and hubby went downstairs to clean up the cat room.

My Beautiful Fairy Princess & Her Fairytale Hair

We drove to Farragut Park to walk dogs over by the Brig. I did not want to get bit by bugs anymore, so we stayed on the roads.

Came home and hooked up trailer. We drove into Rathdrum to get dog food at ACE Hardware, also picked up an Apple Picker Pole.

Drove to Ziggys and picked up the dog fence and plywood that we had purchased the other day.

Stopped at the Growler in Heritage Meats & More. Tried a whole bunch of beer samples. Yum.

Then drove over to Walmart and got garlic to roast, dog meat, canned cat food.

Came home. It started to rain. Black clouds.

Wind started blowing a lot. Needles falling everywhere.

Very cold.


Wilson likes to chew on Ben's ears

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