Tuesday, September 20, 2016



Got up at 6:00 when hubby left for work.

I fed the dogs ham & gave Bud his pill. Cleaned up their water & food.

Got dressed. Ready for school.

Went downstairs and cleaned up kitty room, kitty litter. Fed kitties.

Started laundry. Started dishes.

Put laundry away.

Drove to school at 8:00. Filled the Jeep with fuel in Rathdrum. Got to school about 8:40.

We had guest speakers from Mountain West Bank and an Accounting Firm in Rathdrum.

I went with Kim to go get coffee at Starbucks. I got a sandwich.

We came back. I had forgotten my uniform, so I folded laundry and stayed in the back room.

Christine let me leave early. She said I can do inventory tomorrow.

Drove home.

Got mail. Nothing but mailer junk. Had delivery from UPS on the deck. A winter blanket that I ordered from Overstock.

Cleaned up kitty litter & kitty room. Gave them more food.

Cleaned up dog food & water. Gave them ham snack.

I studied and did more on my Business Project.

Hubby got home at 7PM. He had a new topper on his Dually. Purchased it for $300.

Hubby made dinner.

We watched TV and went to bed later.

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