Friday, September 30, 2016



Woke up at 7AM.

Gave ham to dogs. Gave Bud his pill.

Cleaned up the cats & put Koda in a cat carrier at 7:50. Gave kittens food.

Took Koda to the Vet at 8AM.

Came back and watched TV until 11:00. Picked up the mail. My door knockers came for my business project.

Christine called from Clinic and said I would be doing 2 massages today. The phone kept cutting out. I could not hear her very well.

I left for school. Stopped in Rathdrum and got a granite from Jitterz. Drove to school.

Got the clinic ready. Talked to Kim.

I massaged in room 3 today. Did one 50-minute massage and one 30-minute massage.

Then I cleaned up and left.


Picked up tacos at Del Taco. Stopped to see hubby at 15th and pick up my Drivers License that he still had in his billfold. Spilled the tacos on the floor. He ate one of the tacos that was still in the sack.

Controlled Burning in CDA

Drove to the Vet. Picked up Koda. $316 for all her shots, microchip, and spay. OMG.
I brought her home and put her in the back room to keep her away from the kittens. Put kitty litter in a box for her. Gave her water.

Then I took a nap. Exhausted.

Burning in CDA. Lots of smoke by 6PM.

Hubby got home. It was awful. Lots of smoke. Headaches.

Drove to Charles with my Jeep. Dropped hubby off so he could pick up a truck.

I came back home. Hubby stayed at the shop with Mark.

Hubby walked up to the house and we watched a movie. Went to bed at 10:30.


Dogs were barking all night. Hubby had gotten up at 11:30 to shut the doggie door. Then we heard Koda crying in the back room all night.

Hubby got up at 6AM. Put Koda in the room with the kittens. He gave them cat food.

Rained last night, so the smoke had cleared.

I got up at 7AM.

Gave ham to the dogs. Gave Bud his pill.

I went downstairs and took care of the cat litter.

Did a load of dishes & laundry.

It was wet & humid & hot. I turned on the A/C.

At 9:00, I drove into town and met Shelly and Amber at the SQM Call Center for the chair massage. Actually, one of the first clients was a girl that I used to work with back at the NOMC. It was quite a coincidence.

Jennifer was the last one to get there. She was almost late.

We massage from 10AM-2PM.

Afterwards, I drove to the Meat Market, got a Huckleberry White Beer and 3 beef sandwiches.

Tried to give a sandwich to Tracey, but she was going out to eat later.

Got my nails & toes done. Then I drove home. I was exhausted. Started to feel sick.

Hubby got home late. He did OT.

Went to bed early.

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