Saturday, September 03, 2016

Day on Boat


Relatives visiting.

We got up at 6:30 and gave ham to the dogs.

Took them for a walk in the park around the water tower.

Hubby got a latte on the way.

Then we drove into town. Hubby had to take customer's truck to the new shop; I went to pick up Bruce & Barb. Stopped at Jitterz on the way.

Barb came out of the hotel, we picked up Bruce as he was walking back from Walgreens.

Drove them to the new shop.

They looked thru the shop. Then we drove them to our house. Showed them the house.

Then we drove up to Sandpoint. Hubby was driving. It started to rain.

Got to Hope and ate lunch at the Floating Restaurant.

Boat was filthy. Somebody had tried taking down the ripped zipper canvas.

Bruce took the boat out of the dock. Hubby let his drive it around. Midway to Sandpoint, the canvas ripped out, so we took the boat back to the dock slowly.

Everybody was thirsty again, so we stopped for drinks at the Floating Restaurant again. Waitress never came back to refill anything. Horrible service today.

Drove back to CDA and drove them around. It was almost dark.

We decided to eat at Fedora because Bruce wanted BBQ, but there are no BBQ restaurants in CDA, then he suggested Italian, but no Italian restaurants in CDA except for chain restaurants.

We listened to a very nice singer at Fedora, I got his CD.

Drove Bruce and Barb back to their hotel.

Then hubby wanted donuts. We drove to Dugout Donuts that is open 24 hours, but has no donuts at night!

Drove to Walmart. Got some groceries. I got cupcakes.

We drove home.

It was cold in the house because we left the A/C on. We turned off the A/C. Gave the dogs fresh water. Went to bed at 11PM.

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