Friday, September 02, 2016



Got up at 7AM when hubby left for work.

I gave ham to dogs. Changed their water & food.

Put away dishes. Put away laundry.

Gave cat food to the cats. Changed the cat litter.

Called the Vet at 8AM. Dropped Invader Zim (black kitten) off at the Vet's to have them look at his right front leg. He has not been using it.

I drove to get my nails & toes done with Tracey Lee. Was there until 2PM.

Went over to the new Espresso stand on Government Way because Tracey Lee said that it was really good. Got a small latte.

Drove home.

Called the Vet from home. He said X-rays were inconclusive. Said he gave Zim an antibiotic shot for possible infection. Might be a shoulder or knee strain as it was imflamed.

I went down to pick him up at 2PM. Stopped at Post Office to let them know that we had not gotten hubby's business cards as it said that they were delivered on 8/31 via the USPS website confirmation tracking. The Postmaster is on vacation for a week and will check when she returns.

When I returned home, I filed a claim with VistaPrint that we did not receive the business cards.

I also called NW Plus Credit Union to let them know that I did not receive the credit card, even tho hubby got his. They will send another one out for me.

Worked on business plan & business cards.

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