Monday, September 12, 2016



Got up at 8:30am. Heard the bus stop for the kids across the street and thought it was 7:30am. But I had forgotten that school starts 1 hour late on Mondays.

I started bleeding from one of my many bug bites.

Fed the dogs ham. Gave Bud his pain pill.

Cleaned up the dog water & food.

Made coffee & had pumpkin bread for breakfast.

Cleaned up the cat litter and blanket. Gave the kittens new food. Cleaned up their area. Fixed their toys. Washed the dirty cat blanket.

Started a load of dishes.

Vacuumed the rugs. Put out the trash.

Went to Acupuncture at 1:00. Got there at 1:30. She was running 15 minutes behind.

Paid for hubby's acupuncture this afternoon.

Drove home. LOTS of WIND. Almost blew me off the road.

Got home and cut apple slices. Sliced off a piece of my left thumb. It would not stop bleeding.

Ordered blankets from

Changed the bandage on my finger. Lots of blood dripping everywhere.

I changed the cat litter and gave them fresh food & water. Cleaned up all their room.

Changed dog water again.

Hubby came home around 6:00PM.

Had dinner. Leftovers.

We watched Harley & The Davidson's that I had recorded.

Hubby helped me change my bandage. It was soaking wet again with blood.

Went to bed at 9PM. We were both tired.

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