Wednesday, September 28, 2016



Got up at 7AM.

Fed dogs. Gave Bud his pill.

Cleaned up the cats. Fed cats.

Packed everything up in the Jeep; hubby had put in his bag with clean clothes.

Drove to Pam's house. I was there early. She showed me around her house.

Most of class got there. Sam was not there. We talked about insurance in her home office.

 Shelley Playing with Goats
 Pryor's Fish Restaurant

Then we walked down to Pryor's Fish Restaurant. I walked with Tim and Angie.

Sat by Pam at the restaurant. Had 2 piece fish & coleslaw. We walked back to Pam's house.

I left my TCM homework at her house.

We left at 11:45AM.

I drove to school. Changed clothes. Did 2 hours of Business from 1-3PM folding towels, putting papers in folders.

Then I did my final Clinic hour from 3-4PM.

Afterwards, I drove to KR's to wait for Hubby. He would not answer his phone. He was supposed to be riding his bike over to her house. I walked Beebo and cleaned up his dog poo.

Walked Beebo

I forgot the tickets. Had to drive back home. I left KR's house at 5PM and got back at 6PM with the tickets. I changed clothes at our house.

Got back to KR's house and hubby changed his clothes.

Hubby was hungry, so we stopped at Sonic Drive In for food. We drove over to Spokane for the concert. Parked across from the concert hall, then had to change parking places to behind the Bus because the parking lot would not take our credit cards.

Got into the Knitting Factory as they were opening the doors.

Chris & KR were there to see the concert. Hubby went to get drinks. They were $12 each. Very expensive. Got a table in the back. Uncomfortable high chairs. Lots of drunk people were in front of us. When the concert started, Chris & KR went down front to be in the crowd.


At 11PM, the concert was over and we left.

Hubby drove home.

Got home at 12PM exactly. I went to bed. Hubby had a snack and watched tv for a while.


Got up at 7AM. Hubby woke me up with the stupid alarm which kept going off at 6PM. He got on the phone and talked with Tom for a long time. It woke me up.

Fed dogs. Gave Bud his pill.

Cleaned the cat room. Gave cats food.

I left for school at 8PM. Had to stop and get gasoline in Rathdrum, then wash my windshield that was full of bugs. Hubby did not wash it this morning.

Got to school at 8:50AM. Kim was not there today. She had car trouble and had to go get her car out from being towed.

We had Practicals in Medical Massage. Shelly, Angela, Elsbeth, and Sam did theirs today on the teacher. The teacher was totally not prepared for anything. I had to clean up the room afterwards.

Class was over at 11:45AM.

Got the rooms ready at 12:00 for Clinic. I did the wtaer, did towels, turned on cabis, got out linens.

Then I did phone calls for Receptions until 2PM. Christine let me go at 2:30.

I stopped at Starbucks to get a drink and a sausage sandwich. The sandwich was awful.

Drove home. Was exhausted.

Ben Sleeping

Cleaned out kitty room. Gave them food.

Gave snacks to the dogs.

I took a nap for 1 hour.

Did my homework SOAP notes for Medical Massage tomorrow.

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