Saturday, July 08, 2017


JULY 8 2017

Got up and made eggs for dogs, lattes for us.

We sat on front deck and had breakfast. My tummy was upset.

Dogs ate eggs.

We took dogs for walk in park at GunShooting Road. Bud started limping badly on back & front right legs. We turned around and went back to the truck.

Drove home. Dropped dogs off.

Went to Sandpoint. Picked up Frappuccinos at Starbucks. Long line in drive-thru.

All 2-way streets in Sandpoint now. Very confusing.

Went to Wooden Boat Show. Not too fun. Hubby talked a lot about wooden boats he remembered as a child.

Drove home. I was not feeling well.

Picked up mail. My new Keens arrived. Got refund from insurance company on boat insurance.

Hubby changed clothes and rode Harley to the Post Falls shop to work on vehicle.

I watched new Netflix show - Travelers.

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