Sunday, July 09, 2017


july 9 2017

got up and hubby made breakfast for himself & the dogs.

i made lattes.

we sat on the front deck and listened to music.

took bud with us to spirit lake to get gasoline in containers.

some idiot in a white truck turned around in our driveway.

came back and took the jeep over to transmission guy to pick up customer's car.

drove back home.

hubby power washed the decks.

i picked up dog poo.

at 2:45PM, the idiot finally returned hubby's bike that he had loaned out to him. i had to text him and remind him to bring it back. rude people.

we were finally done and too dehydrated to do anything else.

watched netflix for the rest of the night.

at 8pm, it was finally cool enough to go get groceries in the Jeep at Super One in Rathdrum.

went to bed at 11pm.

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