Monday, July 17, 2017


JULY 17 2017

I was exhausted from not having any sleep the night before, so I slept in late today. I am still dragging.

Made latte for breakfast.

Gave Bud his painkiller.

Started laundry. Put laundry away.

Started dishwasher.

Watched TV for a while.

UPS man came and Wilson barked at him. Katrina is on vacation this week.

Shut the doggy door when a deer came by to eat & drink water.

Went downstairs and sorted more things in back room.

Put hydrocortisone on my left foot. It is itching, burning, and has blisters. Must be Eczema.

Went down to get mail.

Fell asleep on couch after taking two Benadryl.

Woke up a couple times to Rattler kissing me while sleeping on my chest.

Got up at 3PM and ready to take KR & hubby to Harley.

Left and forgot Hubby's helmet. Had to turn around to come back to get it.

Drove to Rathdrum and got an iced latte. Picked up hubby at yard. A couple cops were in the yard, had somebody pulled over.

Drove to pick up KR and then took I-90 to Spokane. Traffic going east was at a dead stop because of rush hour traffic.

We got there at 5:20 and they picked up their bikes. Tony, Matt Z's father-in-law was there, so hubby talked to him. KR and I went to the potty while waiting for her bike.

They brought the bikes out and we paid. Used our credit points on Harley Card to pay for some of it and hubby used his credit to pay for the rest of it.

I followed KR and hubby out Barker Road and then on to Trent. KR was going to see Rob & Melissa. Hubby drove home.

At home, I took hubby back into CDA to pick up his white Dually. We had dinner first at Olive Garden. Create your own Tour of Italy.

I dropped hubby off at his truck and drove home.

At home, I gave treats to the dogs.

Hubby got home at 11:15PM after working at the shop in Post Falls. I was exhausted, took another Benadryl and went to bed.

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