Monday, July 03, 2017


july 3 2017

got up made lattes & breakfast sandwich for hubby

made eggs for dogs. fed dogs.

sat on deck with hubby and listened to burt bacharach songs i downloaded

we walked dogs in farragut park

drove to ben franklin in newport, wa but found no ribbon for flags.

drove to north spokane

got frappuccinos from starbucks

looked at rvs - from click it rv; the salesman, paul is a neighbor of ours!

ate lunch at 5 guys

shopped at north costco, found no kayaks. stupid people blocking road in parking lot talking with their friends, i had to honk the horn to get them to move. assholes

stopped at general store. kayaks were expensive.

went to costco in spokane to look at kayaks there, but they had none. we picked up cashews, stamps, and a bose sound bar for our tv.

drove to black sheep in cda and purchased kayaks & invasive species stickers there.

loaded kayaks in back of dodge.

drove to north 40 and hubby ran into get cat food & deer food while i waited in the car.

drove home.

unloaded groceries.

hubby went to shop in post falls to work.

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