Wednesday, July 05, 2017


JULY 5 2017

Got up and made latte for hubby and eggs for dogs.

We sat on the front deck and listened to music while hubby ate his breakfast.

Wilson on the Deck

Went to Spirit Lake and put Kayaks in; paddled to the middle of the lake & back. On the Lake for 1.5 hours.

Kayaking on Spirit Lake

Met a nice couple when we docked. Talked to them for a few minutes.

Drove to Spirit Lake Miller's Grocery and got hamburger for the grille.

Drove home. Cleaned up house. Put away clothes & dishes. Cleaned up dog food. Cleaned up cat litter. Brought up more eggs from the basement.

Hubby threw hamburgers on the grille.

KR came to pick up beebo at 1:30PM.

We took naps.

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