Wednesday, July 12, 2017


JULY 12 2017

Hubby woke up this morning with Rattler nestled in his left arm, underneath the blankets. Rattler did not want to wake up when the alarm rang.

Zim was sleeping between my legs.

Wilson was sleeping on his back between me & hubby.

Got up and made latte for hubby. Made egg sandwich for him. Sent him to work with a banana.

I cleaned up dog food & water. Gave dogs some ham. Gave Bud his painkillers.

Cleaned up cat litter & gave them more food & water.

Started laundry & dishes.

Katrina brought my Keen Shoes on UPS and took a return box for Amazon.

Went to get nails done at Noon. On the way, the Railroad Crew had closed down the RR crossing at Ramsey & Diagonal. I had to wait on flaggers to allow us to pass.

Short Pointy Nails

Finally got there on time, but Rhonda was running 10 minutes behind. I had to wait.

Got my nails done in a pointy fashion. Rhonda still rounded them too much. I prefer much more of a point!

Drove back home on Hwy 41 instead of Diagonal.

Also got the Apple iPhone case & lightning headphone connector via FedEx that I ordered.

Picked up the mail. Just a HOG magazine in the mail today.

Washed our bedding today. Took a long time to dry.

 Scaredy Being Brave
 Rattler Is Tired

Soaked my feet after using a Exfoliant Foot Peel yesterday. Lots of peeling skin.

Started watching new Netflix show - Jessica Jones. Very good.

Hubby got home at 5:45PM. He made dinner. We watched more of the show.

Did invoices for work and recorded payments received.

Put more water out in pond for deer.

Cleaned up kitty litter again downstairs.

We watched QuickDraw on Hulu and went to bed at 10PM. Hubby was really tired.

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