Thursday, June 01, 2017



Got up and had fruit for breakfast. Made latte and egg sandwich for hubby.

Rode bikes down in Farragut Park.

Came back and changed clothes. Drove to Kevin's property to drop off title for a trailer. Then stopped at Cracker Barrel to have lunch. I had pancakes, hubby had the special Beef Campfire Meal.

We dropped off some parts at the Driveline guy, Eric.

Then drove to Walmart to pick up some groceries we forgot the other day.

Drove home.

Unloaded groceries.

Watched ER for a while, then loaded the dogs in the Dodge and took them for a short walk in Farragut Park.

 Joey resting after surgery

Drove to Spirit Lake to get gas in Dodge.

At home, hubby made pizza.

We got the cats inside by 9:45PM. Put away all the food & water. Joey has to have surgery tomorrow morning.

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