Sunday, June 04, 2017



Got up at 7AM; hubby made egg breakfast for the dogs.

We loaded the bikes up and went for a ride in the park. There was quite a bit of head-wind blowing us, but as we made the turn in the park it got better.

Made the bike ride in 19 minutes.

Came back home and got the dogs for a walk. Walked them on Gun Shooting Road. Saw 2 guys walking into the woods - probably to pick up a secret cache of illegal marijuana growing. They seemed gross & sketchy.

Back home we unloaded dogs & turned on the air conditioning.

Hubby had to run down to the shop in Post Falls.

KR came out on her motorcycle at Noon; she stopped to talk and then had to meet a friend to go cycling up north by 1PM.

Hubby got back home by 6PM.

Took dogs for another walk in the park.

Came back home and watched TV.

Went to bed at 10PM.


Got up at 3:30AM to potty. Turned on the A/C because it was stuffy in the house.

It rained in the night. Everything is soaked. Green pollen stuff is just worse. Turning into a paste now.

Hubby woke up at 7:30AM and made breakfast for the dogs. I got up and made latte for hubby.

The boat detailer guy was here early, cleaning the boat.

We loaded up in the Dodge and drove to the park for a bike ride. Did our usual 2.5 miles in record time of 15 minutes!

Then we came back and got the dogs, drove thru Athol to see if there were any dogs outside - there were none; then on to Farragut Park for a dog walk.

On the way home, we stopped to get milk, a White Licorice plant, and some lottery tickets. I got a chicken wrap for lunch.

Licorice Plant

Saw a dead deer on the way home. It was in the ditch at the top of the hill.

Drove back home and got the product number from the Antennae on the boat; it had broken off last year when hubby forgot to put it down and went under a light which broke the antennae off.

I ordered a new antennae on Amazon which should be here by Wednesday. The boat detailer guy was still working on the boat.

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