Wednesday, June 28, 2017



My spider bite was bothering me during the night. The itching is driving me wild.

My leg had swollen up profusely and was bleeding clear pus. It looked awful. By the morning, the swelling around it was hard as a rock.

Hubby stayed home to take me to the Immedia Care in Post Falls.

We got up, I made hubby a latte. We were out of eggs, so no breakfast sandwich.

Drove to Rathdrum and I picked up a white coffee vanilla latte along with a blueberry muffin. I really did not feel like eating.

At the Immedia Care, we had to wait until the Doctor got off break. It seemed to take forever. Then I put on a gown in the back and they took blood pressure & temperature.

After I was seen by the doctor, he prescribed antibiotics for the infection and prescription steroids for the swelling & itching.

Drove to get the Jeep washed at the Metro Express. Tried to change my credit card there while hubby drove thru, but some older lady was making a fit about charges to her account. It took too long and I had to go potty, so we drove over to Costco.

We went potty, then shopped at Costco. Hubby wants to get Kayaks. He also saw a cabinet that he really wanted for his new garage for our new home.

Stopped at Golden Glo so that hubby could get a protein drink and I got a mango smoothie.

Then we took the prescription to Walmart in Hayden. Hubby ran it in really quick while I sat in the Jeep.

Hubby drove me to Rathdrum for my nail & toe appointment with Rhonda by Noon.

Then he drove home and unloaded everything & put it away.

Drove back by and picked me up at 1:45PM.

We drove back to Walmart, picked up my prescription and got groceries. 

We got alcohol at the Liquor Store.

By that time, it was time to go home. Larry Jr called and said that he needed parts at the shop, so we drove home, unloaded groceries.

Hubby went down to the Post Falls shop until 9:30PM.

I watched Nurse Jackie on Netflix until he came home.

Hubby had to have an invoice made, so we worked on that and then went to bed at 11:30PM

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