Tuesday, June 13, 2017



Seems like Summer is not coming this year.

Got up at 3AM to potty. Three kitties were inside; Zim, Scaredy, & Rattler. Joey must be sleeping in the garage.

The kitties went outside as we let the Doggy Door open all night. Wilson was in and out all night long. Not barking, but going out.

Hubby got up to potty after I did.

We got up at 6AM after waking initially at 5:30AM and then going back to sleep. Wilson jumped ont he bed. Zim must have come back inside as he was sleeping on my legs again.

My back was still hurting.

Called for Joey and he was sleeping in the garage. Came out to the man-door and stretched. He must like sleeping out there.

I made latte for hubby. Also made him a chicken sandwich for his lunch.

He left at 6:30 after making sure the dogs had clean water (as I could not bend over), and putting grain out for the deer.

I did laundry and dishes. I gave painkiller to Bud. Gave Tuna to the kitties.

Kitties napped inside.

We got the new TV remote control in the mail today.

Hubby got home really late at 9:30PM. He brought a new heating pad.

I had him change the mattress pads from Ben's bed to our bed. It is a little firmer.

Kitties came inside thru the doggy door later. 

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