Thursday, June 29, 2017



Only 7 more months before hubby retires! The countdown has begun.

It rained again last night. Woke up to humid and hot muggy weather. Everything wet outside, water coming off the roof.

Hubby forgot to set his alarm, but said that Wilson woke him up at 5:55AM.

Zim slept with us for a little while last night.

I got up and made latte & egg sandwich for hubby.

He went to work in the White Dually.

I started doing laundry, washed Ben's pillows. Had to sew up his comforter.

Hubby called at 11AM. He drove by the Shit Plant in Post Falls and had to call me to tell me that he was gagging from the smell.

I washed dishes.

Watched Nurse Jackie again today.

Ordered Ball Mason jars & inserts.

Worked on the 3rd Lace & Ribbon flag with the stuff I had purchased from Walmart yesterday.

UPS came. They brought KR's file cabinet. I put it together on the deck. Zim sat in the drawer. Ben sat on the deck and watched me work.

Zim Helps Me Put Together File Cabinet

 KR's File Cabinet

I also got the Snapware order. I washed my box. Put KR's box in my Jeep to take to her.

I texted KR and reminded her to call Harley for appointments to do the annual maintenance on the Bikes.

She called and said that she got and appointment for the week following the 4th of July.

I made rice and sweet-n-sour shrimp.

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