Thursday, June 08, 2017


JUNE 8 2017

Got up at 1AM because Wilson started barking at something in the woods. Since the doggy door was closed, he could not go out. I got up and looked outside with the flashlight, but did not see anything.
I did not want to let Wilson outside because it might have been a Coyote.

At 5AM, they woke us up again. We slept until 6:15. Hubby did not hear his alarm go off and I had to tell him it was ringing.

I made latte & egg sandwich for hubby. Also wrapped up a bratwurst & bun from last night.

He left at 6:30AM in the Dodge. It was going to rain today, so he did not want to take the Harley.

Zim and Joey were outside playing, but I got them to come inside and shut the doggy door because Hubby had called and told me that he saw a huge Hawk/Owl down by Clagstone.

We think the kitties are being taken by a bird.

I did laundry & dishes. The cats had pulled out the electric plug from the wall outlet and I had to move the dryer to plug it back in to the outlet. But I accidentally pulled out the dryer hose and will have Hubby reinstall it.

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