Thursday, June 15, 2017

thursday and CLOUDY


It seems like summer will never appear. Clouds overhead today. The forecast calls for rain.

I got up out of bed in pain again.

Made latte & chicken sandwich for hubby.

Hubby made sure the dogs had clean water & food because I cannot bend over.

I took painkillers.

Gave painkillers to Bud and gave chicken slices to dogs.

Joey was out sleeping at the base of a tree. Silly cat.

 Scaredy & Zim
 Wilson & Bud
 Wilson smiling

Hubby went to work, taking the Dodge.

I ordered a ROKU for our TV. Sick and done with cable!

Put ice on my back and it started to feel better, along with the painkillers.

UPS delivered my new Skechers sandals.

Skechers Sandals

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