Friday, June 16, 2017



Hubby's day off from work.

We got up and hubby made eggs for dogs. I made a latte for hubby.

Drove into CDA with the Dodge and I went to the Chiro. He improved my back pain somewhat for about an hour.

We stopped at Michaels, but most of their stuff for the patriotic lace & ribbon flag was too expensive. I ended up getting some embroidery thread & needles.

Then we got a protein drink for me at Golden Glo.

Drove to pick up a truck in CDA, hubby got lost finding the house. I drove the Dodge over to the Post Falls shop. We took the back way thru on Seltice. In Post Falls at the traffic light on Spokane Street & Seltice, some idiot woman STOPPED her car in the middle of the intersection. Another stupid woman jumped out and picked up some junk that had fallen out of their trunk. Because I could not see, I started honking my horn. They stopped all 8 lanes of traffic. Some idiot guy helped them put it back into the trunk without securing it, so it could fall out again down the way. Fucking stupid people. It should have been loaded into their back seat of the car.

We went to get gas at Love's Gas Station at Stateline after we were done dropping off the truck at the shop.

Came home.

Loaded up the trailer. We both had some lunch. Then drove up to Sagle to pick up the lawnmower at the Repair shop there.

Hubby went back down to the shop after he unloaded the lawnmower.

Bad Zim cat chasing Deer

He worked down there until 9:30PM. Got home at 10PM.

I hobbled around and did laundry, dishes, and watched tv.

Watched a little tv with him and went to bed.

Hubby cleaned out the kitty litter and came to bed.

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