Friday, June 30, 2017



Got up late, Wilson had come up to wake us but then hubby turned on his alarm.

I got hubby's latte & egg sandwich ready quickly. Gave him my AmerExp card so that he could use the credit to buy gas. He took my Jeep to work today because the white Dually did not have enough gas and he did not have time to fill it on the way to work.

After hubby left, I tried to call Joey but I think that he is missing.

Bikes with a white van & u-haul truck behind them went by our house. Wilson barked at them. Must be another bike ride.

I did laundry & dishes. Tried to Desalinate our Starbucks Verismo but the red light will not go out. According to the Owner's Manual, you are to return the system to Starbucks. I think I will just purchase another one. We need our coffee!

Cleaned dog water & food, Cleaned cat litter. 

Paid bills for July.


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