Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Mosquito Bites & KODA MISSING


Got up and made a latte & egg sandwich for hubby. It was cool in the morning, but got warmer later.

Koda still has not shown up. We believe she is missing, like the others. Down to 4 cats.

I had gotten several bug bites in the middle of the night, so hubby suggested I take a Benadryl because I was itching.

Insect bites

I slept for the rest of the day on the Benadryl.

Only 1 little deer came today for the salt lick.

Hubby got home really late tonight after going to Post Falls shop and then stopping for deer food.


Hubby rode his Harley to work today, so I did not have to get up and made latte or sandwich for him. I slept until 7AM. OOhhh. What a late sleeper!

Zim was sleeping on me when I woke up.

I gave Bud his painkiller,

Did laundry & dishes.

Vacuumed the house.

Cleaned up the kitty litter and gave them fresh food.

Got the mail.

I thawed out some turkey bacon and beer bratwurst.

Joey & Scaredy playing

The FIELD mowing guy got here at 4PM and mowed until 7PM. Hubby paid him by check.

When hubby got home at 5:30pm, he grilled brats.

We walked the dogs at 7:30PM after the mowing guy left.

Bud was really panting even though it was a cool evening walk and we walked very slowly. Afterwards, we drove thru the park seeing many deer and then down to the boat ramp to look at the calm water. Hubby kept whining about wishing we were out on the boat having a beer, but I pointed out the advantage of having a smaller boat, easier access, and getting an RV instead to go traveling!

Bluebird at the park

Drove back and stopped at Lil Town Market at 9PM just as they were closing. Quickly got a couple chicken wraps for me, chocolate Hostess cupcakes for hubby, frozen fruit pops, and bread. We also purchased another lotto ticket. They had already closed the lights off in the Market.

We drove home. Watched FARGO and went to bed.

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