Saturday, June 24, 2017



I got up at 7AM. Could not sleep any more after the sun was up.

It was fairly cool outside; about 49 degrees, but I opened the doors & windows.

Fixed latte for hubby. Made eggs for hubby & dogs.

Hubby got up by 7:45AM. We sat on the deck, relaxing and enjoying the wonderful weather until the sun came over the tops of the trees and it got too warm. We watched the cats play outside in the woods. Zim, Scaredy, Rattler, and Joey were having lots of fun. Hubby ran to get the gun when we saw a hawk circling. The dogs slept at our feet for quite a while.

Hubby left by 9:30 to go to Post Falls to work at the shop there. He rode his "mid-life crisis" - The Harley.

I worked on my lace and yarn flags. Watched Memento on Netflix.

Scaredy gets Brave & Sleeps on Dog Bed

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