Wednesday, May 31, 2017


MAY 31 2017

Hubby and I have been arguing about getting rid of Mark. We have told him repeatedly that he needs to be out by the end of May, but he has not made any effort to leave.

So I refused to play the game anymore. He is costing us $250 a month in electricity alone. What a fucking waste.
Lots of Pollen on the deck

Hubby got the garbage ready, Loaded the bikes in the Dodge.

We rode bikes in Farragut Park. It was hot. Encountered a woman smoking, walking her cute little black and white Boston Terriers.

Got back and I shaved my legs to get ready for my nail/toenail appointment.

Hubby went to the shop to work while I went to Rhonda's to get my nails & toes done.

I was done at 1:40PM and I drove home.

 Rattler & Scaredy Cats

Hubby got home much later.

We took the dogs for a walk tonight at Farragut. Bud was huffing a lot. We walked a little too far for him. We will need to keep our walks shorter.

Went to Spirit Lake to eat at BBQ place - Boar's Nest on the lake. Food was ok. I liked the view from the patio.
Lunch on the Patio
Came back and watched Fargo on TV and went to bed.

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