Monday, May 29, 2017



Up at 1AM to potty, then back to bed.

Zim cat slept under my hand all night long. Then he flopped on my thigh to go to sleep. He is a sweet kitty.

At 8AM, got up and made latte for hubby & breakfast sandwich. Dogs got eggs.

Outside, one of the stripe kittys got very high up in a tree and tried to destroy a bird's nest. The bird's dive-bombed him and scared him off.

Cleaned up. Started dishes.

Hubby went outside to mow at 9:30. He mowed until 11:30.

Turned on the A/C by 9AM.

Started laundry. Washed Ben's pillows on his bed.

I went outside to spray vinegar on the weeds. Cleaned up the area where hubby was mowing.

I pushed the wheel barrow into the back yard so I could pick up dog poo.

After I was done, I came inside and took a shower as I was already sweating and stinky.

Lots of POLLEN everywhere. Yuck.

KR called and said that she was coming out and would stop at our place before going up to Round Lake for a hike.

Hubby got done mowing and came inside for a shower. I washed his clothes. They were dusty, stinky, and covered in pollen.
At 1PM, KR got here and left her food. She took Beebo with her on the walk. She got back around 3PM. We watched TV and I took a nap upstairs.

I sat with KR on the deck for a while. She red her Game of Thrones book.

We started dinner on the grille at 5PM; the shrimp were great. The potatoes were undercooked because the grille does not heat evenly. The chicken was odd. We decided to scrap the chicken. Odd rubbery taste.

Took the dogs for a walk in Farragut after the sun went down at 7PM.

Dogs were walking thru lots of pollen. Saw some horses on the trail. Bud was huffing badly.

Came back home and KR said it was late, she had to get home. Did not want to do a firepit fire. She left at 9PM. Bravo tried to avoid going home with her. He would not get off the dog bed, then he hid in every room. He even tried to go upstairs to avoid leaving.

Hubby and I sat watching TV. We went to bed early.

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