Sunday, May 07, 2017



Got up at 1AM to pee. Wilson & Zim came upstairs to bed with me again.

Woke up at 6:30AM and then went back to bed again.

Wilson finally woke us up at 7:30AM.

Hubby made eggs for dogs. I made lattes. Hubby also toasted blueberry bagels for us.

We watched a couple vintage movies on AMC while it rained.

I started laundry & dishes. Cleaned out the fridge. Hubby threw away all his leftovers. The rest we are taking down to the park.

I cleaned up the kitty litter downstairs and made sure they had enough food.

The sun finally came out at 10:30AM.

I did bookwork.

We walked the dogs at the park.

When we came back, we loaded up garbage from the garage and from the side of the house. Drove back to the dump and got rid of it.

Then came home again.

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