Thursday, May 04, 2017



I had severe cramps all night long. I was in the bath 3 times in the night.

Took lots of aspirin.

So I overslept on the couch this morning until 8AM. I think hubby woke me up before he left.
 Gave dogs ham & administered Bud's painkiller pill.

Vacuumed. Did laundry and dishes.

Did more bookwork.

It was a beautiful sunshine day outside. I sat outside on the deck with the dogs. Dragged another dog bed out there and cleaned the chairs before I sat down.

Put together the new fans that we purchased from Costco.

Hubby got home about 6:30PM after Class at Frontier. He had a quick bite to eat, then we loaded the dogs up in the Dodge and went to the park for a walk. The sun was still shining and it was warm outside. Hubby had changed into shorts & Keen shoes.

At the park, we walked on Shooters Road. No Hobbits there picking mushrooms. Lots of people in park, tho. We forgot bottled water and walked too far with Bud. Poor dog was panting and limping when we returned to the truck.

Gave them water in a bowl at the truck, then loaded the dogs up and drove around the park. Wilson was whining to get his head out the window to smell everything. We saw 3 deer throughout the park, but not much else.

Drove home.

Found out that a major check deposited the other day from a customer had bounded. Hubby was upset & furious. 

Watched TV. I went to bed early.

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